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In May 2015 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our company. For this time our company has organized plenty of international fairs in which huge number of Polish companies took part on the space of the total amount of thousands square meters.

We organize international fairs all over the world, on the east, west, north and south of Europe as well as in Asia, South and North America, Africa.

Our company is not only organizer of standard services on international fairs, but also designs and builds system and individual stands. We also organize transport of samples. We are known for an individual approach to every exhibitor. We won the prize of the Leader of Fairs Services.

Happiness of our clients is our motto!

We have received an PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 certificate


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PPH Maxpol Sp. z o.o.

ul. Puławska 479
02-844 Warszawa

NIP: 526-020-45-29
REGON: 00201541900000

Magazyn PPH Maxpol Sp. z o.o.
ul. Rolnicza 244
05-092 Kiełpin

tel/fax: (22) 628 06 21
tel: (22) 625 14 08
tel: (22) 629 96 21
tel: +48 519 804 008
tel: +48 606 356 926


Food industry fairs

Ewa Krasnodębska

Wojciech Ryttel

Karol Wiśniewski

Automotive fairs

Maciej Wojtunik

Other fairs

Kamila Krupa
Ewa Krasnodębska

Stand construction in Poland

Kamila Krupa

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